Florence + The Machine – “Take Care (Drake Cover)”

Bonus song. I’m playing catch-up from Thanksgiving break and getting back in the groove with doing things other than lying on the couch, eating, sleeping, eating, or watching football. One of these new “active” things I’m getting back in the groove of doing is sitting at my computer and listening to music.

It’s come to my attention that Florence and Drake are bffs or something, because they keep popping up on the web talking to each other and high fiving. That last part might be false. But seriously, they talk about collaborating, and whatever. True things. Also, I saw an interview with Florence once where she said she was super influenced by hip hop while recording Lungs and that “Drumming Song” is directly influenced by “Lip Gloss.” Yes, the one by Lil’ Mama.

Long story short, Florence covered a Drake song and I’m happily surprised but not really that surprised. Also unsurprisingly, it’s good. Find it below!

“Take Care” (Drake Cover)

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