CITIZENS! – “True Romance”

For some reason this strikes me as really British.

A love story told through the visuals of a hunchbacked psychotic puppeteer. A struggling street performer kidnaps a pretty blond and ties up her by her arms with rope and performs a puppet show with her infront of an entirely kidnapped and bound audience. Below is the video to Citizens! “True Romance” but I assure you the song will garner your attention as well.

London based band CITIZENS! has received lots of press with this single of theirs. They have recently been signed to Kitsune records (Bloc Party, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, La Roux, Phoenix, and more) and their debut LP is being produced by Franz Ferdidnan’s  frontman Alex Kapranos.

After hearing the song LA based High 5 Collective (the Weeknd, Odd Future) approached Citizens! and asked if they could make a video for them. Given the okay the below seen and above described story of a demented busker is what came about.

Everyone seems to be comparing them to a modern day glam era Bowie. This seems accurate to this music blogger but CITIZENS! has also been noted as hating retro-mania in music. (It is indeed overdone.) However, this self hatred makes me want to ask that often hated interview question, “tell me what your sound  is like.” Every band is asked it and often the public and the musician(s) are on similar footing. Yet, this appears to not be the case with CITIZENS! Despite what they may like or may hate “True Romance” is absolutely soaked in glitter, make-up, and synth and it all works as a modern day sound with past qualities instead of a copy cat; and perhaps the latter is what they hate.

Jump into the cloud or feast on the video. Both are below.

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