Young Dreams – “Young Dreams”

Seriously just let me close my eyes for a little bit. I think we already have the shot we need.

I have copped to being a sucker for a few things over the short time I’ve spent in swill merchantr-y. They are in no particular order: clapping, catchy female pop vocals, an instantaneous musical break, and gang vocals. I think after numerous posts here I can add large orchestral indie bands or if you’re like the lead singer of Young Dreams, Matias Tellez, you may prefer the adjective “collective.”

At any particular moment Young Dreams is 12 piece band that at any particular time can sound similar to the echo-y Fleet Foxes. Without listening,  imagine if Norway took hold of the Seattle band and soaked them in the vitamin D enriched rays of the sun on the beaches of California. Okay, in all honestly that’s probably hard to imagine or hear in your imaginative ear but I assure you it is accurate… in my mind at least.

At first listen “Young Dreams” may sound like an accessible chill-wave track with a heavier focus on vocals and guitar. But then something happens. The song keeps changing. It keeps growing. It evolves.

0:00 – 38 seconds: Plucky guitar with vocals.

0:39- 01:08: Synth and full on chill-wave.

Then with sudden and confident tribal drums and african rythmes teamed with lyric “We’ll live forever” the song absolutely takes off.

It’s that formula that had me thinking “Young Dreams” was my favorite chill-wave track of the year. Until I found out it was released about a year ago. Whoops.

No matter. Just listen to some truly excellent pop. It will put you in a good mood if you aren’t already in one.

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