Monday Morning Monocle. A Playlist. {11.14.11}

Something witty and charming.

Hello and welcome back to another Monday morning. I hope your weekend went well. Oh, it did? That’s fantastic. Oh, you were being sarcastic? It’s so hard to tell with all this lost in translation electronic communication. Good thing you have this playlist to help start your week off, right? Zero impact on your life, huh? Hmm, well, just give it a try.  Let me try and sell you.

On this particular Monday we start minimalist and then  transition into something a little more electronic, but we’re only there for two songs before we end with two large bands with a modern orchestral sound. Does that interest you at all?

Hello? Reader? Anyone?



There are problems with Grooveshark’s widget coding. Apologies.

You can stream on our FB page here or on Grooveshark here.

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