Tennis – “Origins”

Do you like Tennis? I’m not talking about the sport. I’m talking about the husband and wife duo Tennis, aka your new favorite band. This band is fun and fantastic, despite having a seemingly random noun as their band name, making me grumble in frustration whenever I google them and get pictures of Rafael Nadal instead. That’s right, I know tennis players’ names. Irrelevant.

Their first album, Cape Dory, was released in January of 2011, which actually seems much more recent than I would’ve guessed. But you know what? I looked it up. Because I’M RESPONSIBLE. Their next album is due out soon, produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, which leads me to believe that if you take the awesomeness that was Cape Dory and multiply the awesomeness of The Black Keys, your mind will explode. Hopefully I know less about science than I think I do, and that hypothesis will be false.

To recap, this band is the best thing to happen to tennis since Jake Gyllenhaal showed up in that Vampire Weekend video. Their new single, out now, is called “Origins,” and is below. Also including my favorite track from their previous album: “Marathon.” Enjoy.



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