Embers – “Without Fear or Favour” & “Tunnel Vision”

Over the Shoulder. A damn fine look.

Hailing from the city of America’s most popular soccer team, Embers, is a united Manchester quartet. I came across them from the very well written and overal excellent site The Recommender. For music bloggers absolutely do read other music bloggers.

As you know we here at The Swill Merchants don’t particularly have a competitive bone in being first or super early to the game. Rather, we write about tracks and artists we enjoy and think hey others may too. With that said it just so happens to be that, Embers comprised of Nathan, Will, George and Steven, just released these demos on Nov. 4th.

Similarly to a few of the artists that we have written about not much is known about this new to the game band. What I do know however is that these two tracks are fantastic. Embers has a large, emotional, and cinematic sound. “Tunnel Vision” is a dirty, angry, and brooding track that ascends into absolute noise that is entirely cohesive and starkly luring. As if you can’t help but watch your life and everything you have control over crumble before you.

“Without Fear of Favour” is more uplifting than dooming but is of a grand scope that is “Tunnel Visions” equal. What it lacks in gritty guitars it more than makes up for in energetic strings and and a background accented by a whimsical chamber choir.

A friend pointed it out, and I agree with him, in that for better or for worse the vocals on the two tracks remind me of a raw, emotional, art-house Brandon Flowers of The Killers. Here are their documentary b-roll style videos for each of their songs and without further prose… the music.

“Tunnel Vision”

“Without Fear of Favour”

And just because “why not” here is their third song, “Days Turn Into Weeks”


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