Youth Lagoon – “Cannons”


Hahahaha, just kidding. Had to get that one out of the way so I could DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE ON EVERYONE like the gentleman that I am.

So here is said knowledge: This weekend, a little bird from out west comes to me and tells me of this “great new artist”. “Oh! Sounds interesting!”, I think to myself. “It probably sucks”, I say out loud.

[Editor’s note: Order matters, kids.]

Fast forward to a few seconds later: I research said artist. “Well fuck me sideways with a lunchbox; she wasn’t lying” (in my head).

So now I’m obligated to tell everyone about this treasure, even though I’d rather hide it from you suckers and keep it all to myself.

I know what you’re thinking: “OMG, ISN’T THAT THE MOOSE DUDE FROM STEP UP 2 THE STREES?!?!?!” No, you ignorant slut, that is Youth Lagoon.

Youth Lagoon is a young stunner from Idaho, and if you know anything about Idaho, you know that it sucks. Thus, it makes sense that his music is so good, as there is nothing else to do there. You’ll notice that I’ve done an impressive amount of research on my subject (knowing where he is from)–something that is entirely incongruent with my general behavior–let that be a testament to how good Youth Lagoon is.

This track, "Cannons", is my favorite from his album The Year Of Hibernation:

Click on the word album to stream the whole thing from Or, if you don’t like, you can go fuck yourself and google any of the other ways to stream music for free on the internet. Or, just could just buy the album. Alternatively, he is on Spotify.

Youth Lagoon is currently mid-tour with Young Magic, the remaining dates are listed below:

11-10 Nashville, TN – The Basement
11-11 Atlanta, GA – Drunken Unicorn
11-12 Durham, NC – Motorco Music Hall
11-13 Washington, DC – The Red Palace
11-14 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
11-15 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
11-16 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
11-17 Cambridge, MA – TT The Bear’s
11-18 Montreal, Quebec – Il Motore
11-19 Toronto, Ontario – The Garrison
11-21 Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
11-22 Chicago, IL – Schubas

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