Mumford & Sons – “Ghosts That We Knew”

Who wants new Mumford & Sons? Oh, everyone? Well, here you go!

Marcus and his trio of bearded Englishmen debuted a new song called “Ghosts That We Knew” a few days ago, and now there’s a studio recording of it up on the internets.

If you like Mumford & Sons, you’ll like this song. It’s not a departure from their standard sound by any means, but it’s also a welcoming assurance that their next album will at the very least be more of the same. Maybe not mind-blowingly new, but definitely not a sophomore slump. I’ve been waiting for these guys to announce their new album for a few months now, if only because they and Florence are on the same time table as far as first album release + insane popularity spike and touring + anticipation if album #2.

Personally, I’m waiting patiently for a finished studio version of “Lover of the Light” to drop, because they’ve been playing that live since I saw them at the Troubadour in Feb of 2010* and it’s only been getting better and bigger at subsequent shows. Until then, here’s “Ghosts That We Knew.”

*One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Only band I’ve seen be forced into a double encore by a crowd.

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