Monday Morning Monocle. A Playlist. {11.7.11}

You can't tell but I'm also wearing an ascot.

I enjoy today’s monocle. I enjoy them all but I particularly like this one. If it weren’t for the 5 songs I wanted to include that Grooveshark didn’t have it could have been even better. The weather is finally chilling and I don’t know a single person who is upset about it. People in LA now have real reasons to wear their scarves and beanies beyond just for looks. Also, layers.

I think today’s ‘list captures that good mood chilly outside vibe. We’re a few weeks away from Thanksgiving ladies and gentleman and naturally the pumpkin spices are out in abundance. Your seasonal lattes and frozen yogurt await you Los Angeles. Go forth and pretend you are enjoying a season.

Note: Your playlist is working fine for the first song by Emancipator. That’s how it’s supposed to be.


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