RDGLDGRN – “I Love Lamp”

They would have made the site just for featuring soccer like this.

This is a fun breakup song that may or may not be named after a line from Anchorman.  RDGLDGRN, pronounced Red, Gold and Green are formerly The Five One and have constructed a indie-rock-hip hop breakup song that is genuinely fun. This is of course assuming you’re able to find the humor in heartache.

There really isn’t much info on RDGLDGRN but when reading about The Five One we know that they are from Virginia and the reason for the name change is that The Five One has an MC that went by the name of Blue and for whatever reason Blue is no longer around so there you have it, the birth of RDGLDGRN.

I do believe that they are huge fans of The Beatles and even their old Five One logo I think is an interpretation of the Abbey Road album cover.

The video for “I Love Lamp” is directed by the band itself and if you like the song as I do you can download it for free at this world wide web location.  Oh, and if you’re confused by the lyric “Bottom Lady” I shall refer you to experts on the subject, South Park.

Below is “I Love Lamp” along with two songs by The Five One. “Closing Time” is probably what you guessed. A Semisonic sample. It features lyrics like “You’re cute. You look like Topenga before she got fat.” “Stuntin Like Mufasa” is a sample of Lil’ Wayne’s “Stuntin Like My Daddy” and some great clips from The Lion King. Enjoy.

“I Love Lamp”

“Closing Time”

“Stuntin Like Mufasa”

Video for “I Love Lamp”

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