Delicate Steve – “Butterfly”

Cyclops ain't got shit on Delicate Steve.


Sure Delicate Steve’s debut album Wondervisions has been out since January 2011. But here’s the thing:

1) This blog wasn’t really much of a thought then.

2) It’s fucking good.

Steve Marion is 23 years old and calls northern New Jersey home. His rock instrumental album isn’t all that delicate. So as for the name… “I called it Delicate Steve because I had a recording studio that was called Delicate Studio… That’s Delicate Steve. Kind of a boring story, like every other band I guess.”

If only he knew about this little site when he was trying to come up with his name.

Radiohead fans should get a little excited about Mr. Delicate. When asked to describe his own sound he came up with, “the first half of OK Computer [and] the second half of the Wizard of Oz.”

One of the best parts of Steve Marion is something that is hardly known. There is this rumor circulating that Steve played over 40 instruments all himself in recording Wondervisions. Even The Guardian reported as such and there is good reason to think that. That’s what his bio said on his press release sent out by his label. However, his bio is completely false.

In reality the press release that holds such golden nuggets as, “The critics unilaterally concur: Delicate Steve is a band who creates music,” and describes his sound like “.. a hydro-electric Mothra rising from the ashes of an African village burned to the ground by post-rock minotaurs,” is complete bit of fiction penned by Chuck Klosterman.

The entire idea of a fake press release was the idea of the label boss Yale Evelev. He wrote Chuck and asked him to write the bio and said that he didn’t have to listen to the music. Not one note. Chuck replied that he doesn’t do bio’s, and then a few minutes later, according to Evelev, Chuck sent another email that said “Wait a minute. Do you mean I don’t have to talk to the band or listen to the record? That’s AWESOME! OK, I’ll do it!”

In reality Klosterman describes Delicate Steve as “… sort of this really intense perfectionist… who has dedicated entire swaths of time to working on, like, one chord he heard on a Jandek record.”

When Steve Marion was asked about the 40 instruments he said “Probably not 40. I couldn’t even name 40 musical instruments… I don’t even know if there are 40 musical instruments.”

Listen here please.


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