Ms Mr – “Strings”

It's not that we're overly secretive it's more that we don't have heads.

There is always a certain degree of allure tied with mystery. Take the Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. 2 brutal rapes later and you’re not even half way through the book or movie. Now logic says more fucked up shit is on the way. Probably even more disturbing than the stuff you just read or saw.  Knowing this we can choose to stop reading — Yet, we never do. We need answers to our questions even if it involves horrific rape scenes and Nazi’s.

Good thing for us the only thing Ms Mr has in common with the bit of Swedish literature above is mystery. As a kid I went as 2 things multiple times for halloween. One was the typical Ninja costume. Black, sleek, bad ass, and classic. The second was a little stranger as I went as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation Sherlock Holmes. I loved him.

The internet has had their double brimmed houndstooth lid on for a while now and has nothing on this duo. Fellow Merchants of Swill, I present to you the evidence in the musical who done it case of Ms Mr.

  • Ms Mr is made up of one male human being and one female human being.
  • They are residing in Brooklyn.
  • They are currently unsigned.
  • They started writing together about 8 months ago.
  • They are originally from the country and moved to NYC.
  • The song “Ash Tree Lane” is inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski’s novel, House of Leaves.
  • They appear to really like the Labyrinth.
  • The vocals sound very much like Florence Welch. (Listen to the Patrick Wolf cover “Time of My Life” for the best example of this.)
There’s not to much more information. For a closer look you can download their excellent 4 track EP Ghost City here at their bandcamp. You only have until later this Autumn to work your cocaine induced magic and tap into that science of deduction because that’s when Ms Mr will reveal themselves at their first live show.20 days ago the video for “Ash Tree Lane” was released and is garnering the most critical attention. It really is a very good song but I have chosen to go with “Strings” as it is it’s most haunting and the most vocal.If Ghost City is any indication of what Ms Mr is going to be delivering then I am rather excited for more and it may seem like only a matter of time before everyone knows who they are.

Here is the 4 track EP Ghost City all within a cloud.


“Time of my life”


“Ash Tree Lane”

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