Jack White – “Love is Blindness (U2 Cover)”

Why yes, I AM better than you.

Jack White is a god.

That deserves a new line. I love Jack White more than I love most people. Definitely more than my other two fellow posters on this site. Has anyone seen It Might Get Loud? First off, highly recommend. Secondly, he builds a guitar out of a piece of wood and a coke bottle and it’s AWESOME. Get Behind Me Satan is one of my favorite albums, so you can imagine my disappointment when Jack and Meg broke up The White Stripes, and Jack went on to form other impressive-but-not-quite-the-same bands, and Meg went on to be an unemployed mute girl.

All that to say: I love Jack White. He could play a Miley Cyrus* cover and I’d listen to it. Thankfully for all of our ears, he’s covered “Love is Blindness” by U2. Now, unlike most people, I don’t have a deep-seated hatred for Bono and his crew of aging Irishmen. 80s U2 was a great band. They put out some lasting, impacting albums that have influenced acts we love today. The part I take issue with is whenever Bono bought sunglasses. I believe it was in ’92 when he bought big ones and developed an alter-ego called “The Fly.” Really, Bono? Really? You’re already named Bono.

*Is there someone worse than Miley Cyrus? Who do we hate now? Is Rebecca Black still a thing?

Bringing it back to It Might Get Loud, that documentary featured Jack White, guitar demi-god and purveyor of awesome, Jimmy Page, legend and guitar pioneer, and Edge from U2, who wears a beanie sometimes. Jack’s take on his peer’s song, “Love is Blindness,” is just as raucous and awesome as you’d expect it to be. I hope he never stops making music.

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