Death Cab for Cutie – “Doors Unlocked and Open (Cut Copy Remix)”

Get it? They mixed up the buttons.

It seems to be a growing trend for artists to release a bunch of remixes or an entire remix EP for their songs lately, and as it turns out, Death Cab for Cutie is no exception. They’ll be releasing a Codes and Keys remix EP (aptly titled Keys and Codes) on November 22, with the plan to release a track on each Monday leading up to that date.

The first track is “Doors Unlocked and Open,” one of my favorites on the album, remixed by the dance party-fueled Cut Copy. Now, as an unabashed Death Cab fan and someone who holds a huge chunk of my heart reserved for The Postal Service, I’m going to be extremely biased towards people who think they can do a Ben Gibbard track better than Ben Gibbard.

With that said, this is catchy and makes me want to dance. Hopefully the rest of the tracks on this EP will be just as good, and maybe we’ll get to see my recent favorite remixers RAC and Starslinger on there somewhere.

“Doors Unlocked and Open (Cut Copy Remix)”

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