Monday Morning Monocle. A Playlist. {10.10.11}

Behind this moustache is not a bare lip. Only a second moustache. Rock.

If old adage holds true then Monday should be a barrage of pick me up aural stimulation. This also appears to be the generally speaking mandate with Fridays among the blogosphere.

The idea behind Monday music is to get your week started happily when one is predisposed to not be thrilled about it. A slice of musical manipulation. Typical Friday music is aimed at getting your weekend started with a similar type of mood however the music is supposed to be reflective of your attitude.

Another way of looking at this is Monday = Life imitating art. Friday = Art imitating life.

That being said consider this an attempt to manipulate your Monday malaise. From my office to yours do The Frug and the Robocop. Enjoy.


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