She & Him – “The Christmas Waltz”

M, I told you if you stole my sunglasses a monster would appear. Who's kidding now?

Guess what everyone? It’s October. Not even that — it’s early October. Now, normally, I wait until, say, Thanksgiving…who am I kidding…early November, to start blasting the holiday music out of every speaker in my apartment, but now She & Him has to come along and throw an adorable, jingle bell-laden wrench into my plan by releasing a track from their upcoming Christmas album, A Very She & Him Christmas (out Oct. 24).

Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it, too: This is the best idea Zooey and/or the Robert Downey Jr./Geoffrey Arend hybrid you know as M. Ward has ever had. She & Him’s sound is packaged in a neat little — I’ll use the word again — adorable box that usually only has room for Zooey’s voice, a tambourine, and one other instrument. M. Ward isn’t allowed in the box. He usually slinks off stage and hides in the shadows (not joking, he did that at a show once).

But this is the best idea ever. They are the perfect band to make a Christmas album — no offense, Bing Crosby. I dare say perhaps more suited to holiday feel-good tunes than regular feel-good tunes, because their old-worldly, classic, precious sound fits perfectly within the winter wonderland vibe of Christmas we all (or maybe just I) love.

So, get ready. It’s Christmas in October, people.

“The Christmas Waltz”

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