Cold Specks – “Holland”

Cold Specks says: Shalls > Jackets.

It’s gloomy. Entirely too gloomy for a Friday. Apologies for that. (Maybe Kari or Ryan will supply a pick me up.) But– that’s a voice. A voice with character. A vocal instrument with some personality. Sure half way through the track some drums kick in but it’s only in a Dick Grayson-Kato way. “Holland” is a haunting track, with a voice that timbres of experience even if the woman behind it is only 23.  It feels like a blues spiritual for the twenty-first century but if you ask her she calls it “doom soul.”

Cold Specks was born as Al Spx in Etobicoke, Canada and currently resides in London. She is working on her debut album with Rob Ellis who is best known as PJ Harvey’s producer. Perevious to her internet blowup Cold Specks went by Baskey of Figs and Hotel Ghost. If you like “Holland” a quick search under those monikers will spark up some new material.

Cold Specks is WiFi wildfire right now. It’s an odd time we’re in now where artists can become bonafide and get the internet stamp of approval before they blow the lid off SXSW or are the biggest thing we’ve never heard of in London. We’ve seen it to an extreme recently with Lana Del Rey. Send your most interesting song to a few “right” people and bam. You’re selling out the Troubadour in under an hour. Of course this is all under the assumption that said track is of quality. Setting yourself apart and selling yourself are as old as marketing itself. As far back as cavemen I imagine when male Cro-Magnon would look to preen in different ways in an effort to win the effections of one another over other suitors. Of course preen then was probably simply “I can kill that thing and feed you good.” Meanwhile, Cold Specks is referring to her sound as “doom soul.” That’s a good book cover and off that description I sure want to read.  I’m interested to see where she goes, what direction she will take, and most of all I want another track.

Your cloud chariot. “Holland”


“Old Stepstone” – 100% Voice.


Some video with 2 different songs. Fan of the build in the first.

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