NewVillager – “Lighthouse”

"You be a frog. I'm a beautiful starfish."

I actually can’t believe none of us at Swill Merchants have posted about NewVillager yet, because if you could see our music activity you’d know that at one point or another, all three of us have listened to this song a truly unhealthy amount of times. Sometimes, I even find it on Youtube so everyone on Facebook doesn’t see how much I actually listen to it (I also do this with “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj and “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” coincidentally).

Another reason to go to Youtube for this particular band is that they put out insane music videos. I included the video for “Lighthouse” below because it’s incredible. Also see: cool, weird, absurd, sparkly and nightmarish.

Their album is fantastic, and so is this song. It packs a punch with strong lyrics and upbeat and unique arrangements while still managing to throw in a catchy chorus. And the best part is, that applies to a lot of the songs on their album.

Give this band a listen. You will not be disappointed. If you are, I owe you a dollar. Just kidding. I’m too poor for that (and yes, I’m aware that we probably have five readers tops). They hail from NY, but if you’re in the LA area like we are, you can try to track down tickets for their sold out show at the Troubadour on the 15th with Metronomy. Enjoy.


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