I Break Horses – “Winter Beats”

Get these prickly things off me!

Check out that horse! Does anyone else think they used The Strokes’ album cover art from Is This It for that horse’s design? Look. Somebody call Nic Cage, I’m onto some serious clues here.

Last time I posted a dog. Now, a horse. From now on, I’m only going to post album covers with animals on them.* Interesting fact: band members Maria and Fredrik are hypochondriacs who met on an online medical forum and started a band together. They also record all of their songs inside a sterilized plastic bubble to keep the germs out.**

Now, I’m not just talking about germaphobes. Maria’s hypochondria is a real thing…the perfectionist/obsession qualities associated with that show through in their lyrics. And, get this: Their album, Hearts, and a song called “Pulse” is literally about Maria’s phobia of her own heartbeat and pulse. That. Is. Intense. Be right back, I’m gonna go write a song about my fear of opening my eyes.***

These songs aren’t hot off the record presses new, but they are this year new, and I like them. If you like them too, check out the debut album Hearts. Below is “Winter Beats,” and as a bonus, the title track “Hearts.”

“Winter Beats”


* Not true.

** Not true, either. First part is, though.

*** No, I’m not.

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