Mina Tindle – “To Carry Many Small Things”

This is a horrible splicing experiment gone wrong.

Mina Tindle has made me reconsider every negative thing I have ever said about the french. She is that adorable. I will no longer refer to my immune system as “made out of tissue paper and french soldiers.” (I use to get sick a lot. Lack of sleep.) Mina Tindle has now joined the upper echelon of my favorite parisians. She joins the much lauded Thierry Henry, and Marion Cotillard. She appears to have every symptom of the manic pixie dream girl archetype but with a sincerity that is rare among that species.

Mina, her stage name, Paulina, her birth,  released her first EP The Kingdom in 2009. She is known to be quiet elusive and private which pairs nicely with her quiet, sweet, jazzy, and dark sound. (Even though “To Carry Many Small Things” may not be all that quiet or small.) You can purchase her new self-titled EP on iTunes here. I would say I recommend it but that feels redundant since it’s on the blog.

Below is the video for her new song “To Carry Many Small Things”  which features some of the best awkward dancing outside of my closed bedroom door. Enjoy.

At about 1:50 is when the best awkward dancing starts.

Bonus Round: “The Kingdom”

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