Fun – “We Are Young”

A perfect demonstration of youth is wasted on the young.

If you want to know what Fun sounds like I shall direct you no further than their name.

I was able to see Fun live earlier this year in Pomona, CA. I have seen a lot of shows this calendar year and if Fun wasn’t the best I have seen so far  they were number two. Upon first listen many people disregard Fun as just another pop-punk-emo band. They are not. Just like Say Anything their lyrics possess a complexion and cleverness that separates them from any angst-ridden-mad-at-my-dad popular MTV band from the early 2000’s or currently. **  That mixed with a musical composition that often will switch 3 or even 4 times completely in a four minute span and features instruments such as trumpet, flugelhorn, and glockenspiel leads to a pop song that most top 40 couldn’t compose.

** That being said I recognize that often their lyrics are TOO clever and lack universal appeal. They often require an intimate knowledge of the band or the lead singers previous band, The Format, because they reference stories, people, and  lyrics of songs  from their catalogue.  Simply put sometimes they are very “inside baseball.” However, it is this very thing that gives their longtime fans something special. Like a comedian you love referencing an old joke in new material.

Yet, I’m slightly disappointed in their new single “We Are Young.” Granted my expectations were high and I refuse to turn myself into any reviewer, but with the addition of Janelle Monae, who I love (Watch her video “Tightrope” here and you’ll understand why. One of my favorite songs of 2010.) and with one album under their belt I felt the record would be complex, big, and entertaining as all hell. I like “We Are Young” I just wanted more.

There is reason to keep expectations high however as they are working with Jeff Bhasker who has produced such artists as Kanye West on Watch The Throne and Alicia Keys. In other words get excited about… yesterday.  (Jeff says if Nate, the lead singer, isn’t the best songwriter he’s worked with then he’s one of the best.) They are coming soon to the Troubadour here in LA Nov. 14th so check that out if my word means anything to you. (Which it probably doesn’t.) **Update. It’s sold out**

This is an odd video. I promise.

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