Dirty Gold – “California Sunrise”

All dalmatians can walk on water. It's Science.

Hey, all you music-listening, dog-liking people out there that read blogs. Look at this dog and listen to this song.

That is all.

No, seriously. That’s all I have to say. Look here at the EP “Roar” if you want more. Soundcloud is being a jag today so here’s Youtube.

“California Sunrise”

2 thoughts on “Dirty Gold – “California Sunrise”

  1. I recognize this song. Where have I heard this song? Dres’s car? Or was it Urban Outfitters? I haven’t been to an Urban Outfitters in years, so it was probably Dres’s car. Unless this song is other places. But that doesn’t seem probable.

    I do not recognize the dog.

    Also, I’m gonna start calling things/people jags. They’ll think I’m calling them either a luxury car or a TV show about the military, but I’m really calling them a piece of shit.

    Later, jags.

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