Milagres – “Glowing Mouth”

Anybody else see Falcor in the background? Just me? Cool.

Milagres means “miracles” in Portuguese. However, Milagres the band is actually from Brooklyn, so I equate that nomenclature to a college student getting a tattoo of a word in latin because it sounds cooler. Double however, I don’t care, because Milagres’ songs are great. Tattoo as you please.

Last post we touched on my love of lady vocals and flanneled folk bands. Today, I divulge my love of both cinematic electronica (see: M83) and falsetto. Boy, do I love me some falsetto. Guess what? This song, “Glowing Mouth,” has both. The falsetto comes in at 1:20, so brace yourself. I can say with confidence that this is the perfect song for driving down an empty freeway at night with the windows rolled down for no reason. Do it — I dare you.

This is a band to keep an eye on — definitely some grander potential in their sound. Posting their bandcamp link as well in case you want to check out some more songs, tour dates, or purchase stuff.

“Glowing Mouth”


4 thoughts on “Milagres – “Glowing Mouth”

  1. Apparently you also have a thing for specific songs and driving to them. This is #2 for that category as well.

  2. I do indeed. But the first one was “Window Blasters” and this one is “Night Driving.” Totally different.

    Ben — it’s on Spotify.

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