Zun Zun Egui – “Fandango Fresh”

This band is mainly known for covering bearded men and upside down women in yarn.

When it comes to Zun Zun Egui I don’t quite know where to end. I know where to start, however. I start with the fact that sometimes they sing in French. Other times English. Even lyrics in creole strike their fancy. And when they are sick of those three they will just sing in Japanese. From that alone you could probably gather that this band bores easily and may have a global influence that is beyond any other out there today.

Zun Zun Egui is quite possibly the most complicated musical ven-diagram around. At one point in time they had 14 members and cut it down because not all of them could fit into a Mini. That and they were able to focus their sound more efficiently.  As a foursome they hail from Mauritius, Japan, and Bristol.

They are on Bella Union who I love if only because they have a consistent Charlie Parker quote on the bottom of their site. Bella Union is also the same label that has Andrew Bird, Beach House, Fleet Foxes, and I Break Horses so they have a history of knowing what they’re doing.

The meaning of their name is probably the best descriptor of their sound. In Japanese Zun Zun means going forward really quickly and Egui means very weird. Yet, they got Zun Zun Egui off a street sign in Spain. Perfect.

“Fandango Fresh” seems to explode from contraints in every which way yet miraculously remains in unison. Katang, their debut album, came out Monday with “Fandango Fresh” as the single. I really wanted to include “Dance of the Cricket” as the track thinking it may ease the listener, if that’s possible with Zun Zun Egui, into their sound, but I can not find that track anywhere to stream or link.

Describing Zun Zun Egui is like trying to catch a greased pig while being forced to “dance” by pistol. Sure you can make out afro-rhythms, and a punk sensibility but if you try to hard you just end up looking foolish. Sometimes it’s just better to sit and listen. Or run wildly with headphones. As rapidly and as odd as possible.

“Fandango Fresh”


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