TV Girl – “Girls Like Me”

I'm not naked below this picture. I'm actually wearing every single pair of pants I own. (But also going commando.)

TV Girl is a time machine. The San Diego two-some has managed only what Doctor Emmett Brown has accomplished. Their first note is 88 miles per hour and when the song is over you’re trying to not hook up with your mom and instead pawn her off on some square with a heart of gold you call dad.

The lead single off their last EP was familiarly entitled “Benny and the Jets.” Their retro-chillwave-indie-pop is reminiscent of riding in the car with your parents at sunset when you’re old enough to know what you’re listening to but young enough to be ignorant to what else is out there. Except now you’re grown and it’s freeing knowing that this moment is all your own. Just the right dose of nostalgia.

If you’re still wondering what “Girls Like Me” sounds like but don’t want to listen to the song quite yet then let me point you in the direction of the tags on TV Girl’s Bandcamp.

tags: indie, indie-pop, indie-rock, pop, rock, whatevs, San Diego.

Indeed. They have included the term “whatevs” in their own description. It’s quite perfect from this band that tries but doesn’t kill themselves over it.

“I aint no poet/but I’ll try like all the rest.” – TV Girl “Benny and the Jets”

“Girls Like Me”


“Benny & The Jets”


“If You Want It” – Todd Rundgren Sample

Jump on the bandcamp bandwagon if you like what you hear here.

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