Alex Winston – “Velvet Elvis”

Invisible innertubes are all the rage right now.

We Swill Merchants are quite fond of Alex Winston. Proof here. Me personally, I’m a sucker for catchy vocals by Manic Pixie Dream Girl archetype artists like Winston…almost as much as I’m a sucker for beardy plaid-laden “listen to me whisper about my broken heart” bands who all happen to be from the Northwest.

Winston has been blowing up the Internet lately, partly because she keeps releasing new remixes of her tracks so she’s constantly popping up on blogs, but also partly because her sound is unique and deserving of the attention. She’s one part catchy indie-pop, and one part unique vocal stylings and impressive range (she grew up studying opera). The way she utilizes her vocal range with deliberate and sometimes sudden changes in pitch is very reminiscent of artists like Kate Bush or Bjork — which, in my book, scores her points in the plus column.

Below is the original version of “Velvet Elvis,” which Winston released a month or two ago, so you can hear what I’m talking about. The new track is the Crystal Fighters remix, which just came out, and just for kicks is another remix by RAC…because I just like it a lot.

“Velvet Elvis”

“Velvet Elvis (Crystal Fighters Remix)”

“Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)”

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