Dog is Dead – “Hands Down”


A Nottingham quint by the name of Dog is Dead brings us to today’s post (They are currently on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club).  I wonder if dead dogs are going to be the next wave in indie band names like rabbits currently are. Rabbits definitely dominate the indie band name scene as of right now, but what an incredibly morose turn that potentially lies ahead. With Dogs Die in Hot Cars, and Dog is Dead I see a great future for this lightly tapped canine market.

  • Pitbull Murder Suicide
  • Toy Poodle Death Trap
  • Rotten Mutt Killers
  • The Putrid Pups
  • Shih-tzu Genocide
  • Decaying Dachshund
  • Canine Cannibalism
  • All Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven. Bitch.
  • Puppy Hospice Party
  • Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation Kennel
  • Puppy Litter Trepanation

I’m not going to lie. That could have gone on for a while and just get darker and darker. But I also feel like we’re breaking new ground. Together. For the good of music.

As fellow site mate Ryan revealed, there was as severe lack of sitars on this here Swill Merchants Blog and I have found another disturbing trend in a lack of gang vocals and harmonies. That stops today.

“Hands Down” is the new single from Dog is Dead and features exploding harmonies and Explosions in the Sky-like guitar rhythms, as NME so aptly put it. They have described their sound as “uplifting pop for jazz junkies and choir folk.” So if you’re into that, catchy harmonies, and pop songs that actually have a story to tell and not just a general idea they want to get across, then I send you to the Soundcloud below with nothing but good will.


And the video.

And if you like all that up there then here you can download their acoustic EP for free.  And respect to Ari for his dead dog band name submissions.

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