Teen Daze – “The Harvest”

Not all space mountains have roller coasters.

Teen Daze operates in a celestial part of the musical universe that yearns for attention but doesn’t whine for it. It’s seductive in nature.

Jamison is a good name. It’s the name of a fantastic Catholic whiskey. Spelled differently of course but very similar. It’s also the last name of two time NBA all-star one Mr. Antwan Jamison. However Teen Daze is a much stronger name for an ambient-indie-“chillwave”musician from British Colombia. It has that odd sensibility that seems specific to everyone.

“The Harvest” starts off sounding like it comes straight out of an episode of Friday Night Lights. That doesn’t last long however as Jamison’s synthed voice kicks in and you get lost in that nether dreamworld where you’re aware that you’re dreaming but still asleep.

But just listen for yourself already. Below is the bandcamp where you can stream the entire album A Silent Planet.

When Jamison isn’t working under his adolescent moniker he is releasing excellent tracks under the name Two Bicycles.

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