Bon Iver & James Blake – “Fall Creek Boys Choir”

EVERYBODY STOP WHAT THEY’RE DOING AND LISTEN. There’s been a lot of announcements of collaborations lately…from Lou Reed/Metallica to The Flaming Lips/Lightning Bolt to The Flaming Lips/Death Cab for Cutie. Sidenote: Wayne Coyne must really hate his own band.

And now, this. The two names in this collaboration make me want to pull a Mary Tyler Moore and throw my hat into the air without caring if it comes down or not. The pair, both armed with amazing LPs of their own and dually amazing voices, met at SXSW and teamed up on this track, “Fall Creek Boys Choir.” It features Vernon on lead vocals, Blake on production, and what sounds like a stray dog that was taught to use a loop machine.

All I have to say is: MORE, PLEASE. My hope from this track is that they will somehow clone themselves and form an actual boys choir and then ride off into the sunset high-fiving each other. YouTube below.

2 thoughts on “Bon Iver & James Blake – “Fall Creek Boys Choir”

  1. James Blake: Hey champ, you look right. I’ll look left.

    Bon Iver: But I wan’t to look left!

    James Blake: Don’t be such an arse. I called dibs on left back at Burger King.

    Bon Iver: Fine. But I get lead vocals.

    James Blake: Jesus. Fine. Whatever.

    Bon Iver: Don’t you think it’s weird we’re photoshopping our picture before we record the song?

    James Blake: Just bark like a dog into the mic.

    Bon Iver: *cough*dick*cough*.

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