Caged Animals – “Teflon Heart”

Just another game of naked Marco Polo in the woods.

These Jersey boys will be playing at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Tonight. Apologies for the last minute heads up. If that doesn’t tickle your chin you can catch them at Shea Stadium next week but then that’s it for a while as they are off to bring their their dreamy-synth-pop sound to the rainy shores of the UK. Their debut album Eat Their Own is set to come out Sept. 27th.

“Teflon Heart” is about the heartbreak of lead singer and guitarist Vincent Cacchione. In essence, said teflon hearted person grew Vincent exposing him to such awesome things as the movie Magnolia, buying him a tarantula, and teaching him some algebra. And then they dropped him like a bunch of frogs falling from the sky with no apparent signs of emotional attachment. Bitch.

Here’s a little advice to all teflon hearted people out there. You can’t go around, all willy-nilly,  teaching people math and not expect them to fall in love with you.

Caged Animals – “Teflon Heart”


Yeah, this one has clapping too. What can I say. I’m a sucker.


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