Marina and the Diamonds – “Radioactive (Acoustic)”

UK-based Marina and the Diamonds released a new single off of her upcoming record called “Radioactive.” You probably know Marina from her song “I Am Not a Robot,” which shows off her vocal range and is accompanied largely by just a piano. Also she’s covered in sparkles in the video. It’s a great song.

The new single, however, is more of a Euro-dance number with full backing that has a repetitive beat akin to some songs on Top 40. Look for it in clubs. Also, blonde wig? If this is a move by Marina to try to be more like Gaga, stop it now. Some people may like it, but to me it’s very similar to my writing partner, Dres: just not good enough.

The acoustic version, however, is good. It allows you to focus on Marina’s lyrics and voice as opposed to just bobbing your head to a synth. It’s more like “I Am Not a Robot,” and in my opinion, better. You don’t have to agree. Which is why I posted both. I’m way too nice to you, reader(s).


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