Lucius – “Hey, Doreen”


We cover a lot of music on this site. Bands I’ve liked for years, bands just breaking out, songs that blow up on the radio, and songs that are still hiding in the nooks and crannies of the Internet. Though Lucius should belong in a few of those categories above, “Hey, Doreen” also falls into the rare, yet specifically awesome category of “song I’ve been literally blasting on repeat in my car for weeks straight at this point.” You could say that’s too long for a category name, but I’d say it’s just accurate.

Lucius is an up-and-coming Brooklyn band that’s riding a well-deserved wave of hype right now, with Rolling Stone calling them a “band to watch” and the NY Times hailing them as “the next Feist…” whatever that comparison means (Fun female vocals? Sparkle-laden clothing?). I could compare them to other bands, but instead I’ll let your ears decide for yourselves. My money says you’ll be trying to sing along before you know the lyrics.

Their debut LP, Wildewoman, is set to drop on October 15th. Prepare yourselves for your preferred method of purchasing, and be sure to catch them at The Echo in LA tomorrow night if you can snag a ticket.

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