Tears for Fears – “Ready to Start (Arcade Fire Cover)”


I don’t normally post covers here, as our main goal is to find new music, but once in a while something comes along that’s too fantastic not to share. Tears for Fears, who I shouldn’t need to explain and therefore won’t, released a cover of “Ready to Start” by Arcade Fire, off of their Grammy-winning album The Suburbs.*

*Sidenote here to redirect you to one of my favorite tumblrs of all time: http://whoisarcadefire.tumblr.com/page/2 (tied for first place with this twitter: https://twitter.com/WhoIsBonnieBear)

This cover isn’t just good — it’s like it’s always existed or was always meant to exist. They seem to fit the original so well while making it their own, that it seems like it was done by Arcade Fire band members themselves. Like Postal Service did a cover of a Death Cab song that already existed.

I don’t have much else to say, so take a listen for yourself:

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