RDGLDGRN ft. Angel Haze – “Lootin’ In London”

“Fuck you, ey?”

To say that I had listened to “I Love Lamp” by RDGLDGRN on repeat would be rather accurate so when I saw they released a track featuring another favorite, Angel Haze, it was a must click.

But the star power that RDGLDGRN brings to the table on “Lootin’ in London” doesn’t stop with the MC who proudly went through a chicken noodle soup phase. Indeed the boys of the Rastafarian color scheme bring others to join in on the fun. Mainly this guy  to play drums:

Dae Grohl
This is a picture of Dave Grohl laughing.

Mrs. Haze offers up background vocals to the explosive track that will have you chanting “Aint no one fuckin with me” by the 1:01 mark and really this track is great if for no other reason that it gives you reason to scream that at the top of your lungs.

The video is equal fun as it offers visuals to the inspiration to the song. Band member Green states, “it’s more or less a football chant about the 80’s punk scene,” which is something they nod to in the first few bars of the song. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice that they prefer the term football to soccer ( so does most of the world) and  this love for the beautiful game is something I touched upon in my last post about these guys too but this time I come to them with a pitch:  I used to play average collegiate soccer so if they want to continue with this motif in their future videos I’m not expensive on camera talent or I can be used in a consultation position becuase the spacing during their game at the end is poor to say the least.

Question of the day: At the 41 second mark Green raps, “Goin to rap battles with guitars and drums.” So if RDGLDGRN shows up a rap battle and then The Roots show up is there a “well this is  awkward” moment?


Needless to say I can’t wait for their forthcoming debut album later this year.

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