Blood Relatives – “Dead Hip”

Question: Line up shortest to tallest or cleanest hair to messiest hair?

Blood Relatives say they like to play songs that make you dance, think and laugh. Things I can get behind. The problem is that they say they play “songs” but only have released a single tune. I would like the plurality of their music because “Dead Hip” is damn infectious. 

Hopefully we don’t have to wait until this fall to hear Anna’s heavy Scottish accent a bit more but if that’s how long it is then so be it as that’s when their debut album is set to be released. Of course with that accent Frightened Rabbit comparisons are bound to come up and if I’m enough of a hack to be making that comparison (which it seems I am) then it must come with the caveat that Blood Relatives will just make you jump up and down and dance like a goof a bit more than the melancholic bunny and really, who doesn’t want an excuse to dance like a goof? I mean even trained dancers have to love not giving a fuck and letting it out like a fool right?

If you’re over seas then you can catch them live at the Dear Shed Festival (Yorkshire – 20th July) and the Belladrum Festival (Beauly – 2nd August). Other than that you’re just going to have to wait patiently and goof-out to “Dead Hip.”

For your ears:

For ears and eyes:

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