Phoria – “Red”

Shot in the back with a giant grey paintball. 

Man oh man it’s been a long time so let’s just ignore all the reintroductions and excuses and get to the music shall we? Excellent. 

From Brighton, Phoria’s “Red” is music with a little glitch and dash of soul with a overall feeling of sadness. But deeper than that is where “Red” truly stands out and I think Phoria would like you to know that.  “Red” swims away from the rest  in the pool of music of it’s likeness in replacing sadness with thoughtfulness or introspectiveness. This is aided by the spoken words of theoretical physicist, Richard Feynman that are weaved throughout. In the physicist’s words he talks about an conversation he had with an artist. The artist told him that he being a scientist couldn’t possibly see the true  beauty of the flower but rather he would take it apart and not appreciate it as a whole. Feynman, gives a little in that he may not be able to understand the aesthetic beauty to the extent of the artist but he can understand it and he can go much further in a different type of beauty. He can see the flowers  on different dimensions. The cells, the processes and the complicated actions that go into making the flower what it is.

If you’re looking for a good track to throw on tonight as you drive home from whatever Friday fun you have planned and wind down from a night of extrovertiveness (not a real word until this instance) then look no further than Phoria’s “Red” and really, their entire EP, Bloodworks. 

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