5 Word Review: Frank Turner Live @ The Roxy


Lovable English singer-songwriter Frank Turner stopped by The Roxy in Los Angeles last night and packed the already-packed house full of energy. Promoting his new album, Tape Deck Heart, set to release later this year, Frank’s seemingly endless tour gained fresh life on the west coast.

Taking the stage in a white shirt, it became transparent with sweat soon after the second or third song — a testament to Frank’s undying enthusiasm. That enthusiasm shows itself off in earnest when Frank asks the crowd to participate by singing, dancing and even sitting on the floor during the bridge of “Photosynthesis.” He dares the audience to get on his level, though they’ll never reach it. Frank’s raw emotion and vocals are a hard level to match. The only similarity my mind wants to draw is to Glen Hansard of the Swell Season — both men who sing quiet songs in loud voices.

Frank’s live act isn’t one to be missed. Even in the smallest of LA venues like The Hotel Cafe or The Roxy, Frank and The Sleeping Souls blow the walls off the place. To paraphrase lyrics from “Photosynthesis,” he won’t sit down, and he won’t shut up. We can’t wait for his next release.

5 Word Review of Frank Turner live at The Roxy:

This man does not disappoint.

Bonus, check out our post featuring Jamie N Commons, who opened for Frank last night along with Johnny Two Bags. Click here.

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