Wilsen – “Anahita” & “Lady Jane”

Live Volcano

With a running time of 6:50 I’m going to have to ask you to please holster the litany of excuses that we all have for youtube videos over 60 seconds, movies over two hours or any song that’s over three minutes. This is a track you’re going to want to carve out a moment for.

Like it’s namesake and any Godess worth her salt, “Anahita”, is a beautiful, complicated, and intricate track that flawlessly wears many hats. While the Persian deity was the water goddess, fertility goddess, goddess of war and patroness of women, the below Wilsen track is uplifting, languid, sprawling, angry, cheerful and dreamlike. (Though to classify it as “dream-pop” would seemingly be a mistake.)

With all this going on “Anahita” unfolds in unexpected directions. The track broods for over three minutes before a second guitar and a drum kit pulls it in a bullish direction. Off and running, Tasmin Wilson’s vocals ooo and ahhh until she and all her drums are out of breath, but instead of stopping here or retiring to it’s previous despondent state “Anahita” drifts optimistic convincing you it’s about to retire until it dawns on you–  it was merely catching it’s breath.

In an interview with Voice on The Verge, the London born, New York based, Wilson mentions her fondness for the violin and that with the excellent “Anahita” gets me very excited for their debut album due out sometime this year. Like clapping, dramatic breaks of silence and gang vocals this here blogger has become quite a sucker for some well placed strings.

Alas, there is no date set for the album but we’ll just be listening here until then.

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