Album: Tonality*Star by Anonymous

A while back, I posted about an anonymous Portland, OR artist who released a great record called To My Long Lost Love. After hearing about that record via Robin Pecknold’s list of favorite records from last year, I inquired by email to get a copy of the record on vinyl, the only available format save a 2-song bandcamp sample. My request was swiftly and enthusiastically met, and less than a week later I was listening to the record.

On Saturday morning, I received an email from Anonymous, who sometimes goes by Ms. Vortex, and other times signs his name with a simple asterisk. The email stated that he’d released a new album, and though it was “sonically different (than past projects), its intent remains the same.” I immediately checked out the link, and was greeted by a wave of ambient electronic indie, filled with reverb-laden vocals and lots of layered sound. It has a relaxed sophistication about it; the type of album that seems like it took much more effort than the artist will ever admit or take credit for. Especially an artist who doesn’t sign his work.

Listen to “Tonality*Star” below via its bandcamp, and be sure to keep a look out for future releases by our mysterious friend.

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