Rudimental – “Spoons” & “Feel the Love”

I told you guys we shoulda’ went with the elephant heads.  Now we’re just 4 rabbit bros who don’t want to answer another Donnie Darko question ever.

You know the feeling and the smell of opening a new can of tennis balls? Getting into a new car? Crack a new Sharpie? Well, that’s what finding a great new music blog is like to me. It’s fresh, bold and gives you the opportunity to huff behind the school like the cool kids circa 1999.

Lately I’ve been on a binge and thanks to The Recommender well, I refuse to say it, so thanks to The Recommender for showing me to some great places around the  web. Specifically, Yeah, they are already very well known but so be it, sometimes you’re late to the party and all you can do is throw your hands up just be glad you went at all.

As for being late to parties today’s band has a rather large one in session. Reaching #1 will do that from time to time.  Rudimental‘s “Feel The Love” reminds me of Cee-Lo green grabbing a skoosh of british dub. “Spoons” finds MNEK at his deepest, and to me, his best. Yes, they’re from the U.K. Yes, they are attune to American soul. Yes, I have finally posted something that could easily be heard dare I say “in the club.” Imagine if Ushers Looking 4 Myself was less Calvin Harris (save for “Twisted”… love that throwback) and more James Blake.

I’m sure if you’re dialed into the U.K. scene you’ve already heard “Feel the Love” plenty of times seeing as it reached #1 and if you’re feeling a void of dancey mainstream songs that have a soft spot for saxophone solos left by M83’s “Midnight City” then maybe that’s the track for you. However, it is “Spoons” that brings me back time and time again.

Look for their full length later this year.

“Spoons” ft. MNEK and Syron

“Feel The Love” ft. John Newman

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