M A U S I – “Disney Films” & “Sol”

Calm as hell on the surface. Outboard motor below.

Everyone is talking about how “Sol” is summer-summa-summer time. And everyone is 100% correct. This track not only drips sunshine, gets sand between your toes and oozes drunken mistakes it actually says the word, summer, by my count, 24 times. Not to mention the word, sun, 5 times (three in spanish) and, heat, three times.  That and the chanting of “Dance, dance, dance, dance!” in the chorus leads me to think the subliminal message some A&R representative conjured up worked wonders. Oh, and congratulations to M A U S I for making arguably the most fun song I’ve posted in this season.

Citing bands like Phoenix and Pony Pony Run Run as influences I don’t think this Italian brother sister group, that go by Daisy & Thomas Finetto to their friends and family, (I’m assuming) will have any problem thinking up songs that will have you forgetting you aren’t alone in your bedroom and regretting that you didn’t get your car windows tinted this season as your foot is on the break at a red light and you look over to the rude eyes of the Toyota Camry beside you. Yep, you can add one more song to Kari’s “Dance Powered Car Playlist.” (It’s this future world idea that if you hook up enough X-Box Connect and Nintendo Wii type receptors to your engine and outfit them in your car you can power your vehicle by the power of dance. It’s absurd and one that only her and a certain other cell phone hacking person who shall remain nameless due  to pending patents could think up.)

In addition to the catchy as all get out “Sol”, the younger “Disney Films” is one to check out. If “Sol” is tequila then “Disney Films” is scotch. Or in a less of an alcoholic way “Disney Films” is quieter, calmer, sexier and smoother. Surprisingly enough, one of my favorite moments comes at the 3:28 mark when the minimalist effort (in comparison to “Sol”) moves into a temporary Estelle and Kanye cover.


“Disney Films”

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