Exitmusic – “Passage”

With all those fireworks I feel Katy Perry’s breasts are somewhere under that light show. 

Back on Sept. 23rd I made a post about Mozart Parties. In it, I mentioned that I was going to either post about Mozart Parties that day or a band known as Exitmusic.  I don’t know why I phrased it like it was now or never for Exitmusic, or a competition because it wasn’t. As a matter of fact I have an old draft of a post about them saved, however, one thing must have lead to another and Exitmusic never got posted and went forgotten about.

Flash-forwad to today and I’m on the internet bumming around and come across something about Exitmusic’s debut album that came out today entitled Passage. Oh those guys. I remember them. The band that named themsevles after a Radiohead song.  So I clicked on the title track “Passage” and was greated by a piano with some panicked breathing. 5:40 later and I knew that Exitmusic’s long awaited Swill Merchant wait was over, and neither them nor anyone could care less.

But that pessimistic thought is neither here nor there. As a whole the album is impressive. Exitmusic is unrelenting from open to close and it appears that was to make an album that evokes feelings of an operatic thunderstorm. Dark, loud and noisy, Passage certainly makes you pay attention and it’s the title track, featured here that announces the album perfectly.

Starting soft with a piano, you don’t have to wait long before the sense of calm is disrupted with panicked breathing, which quickly gives way to a guitar capped crescendo.

As for the band behind the music, this Brooklyn based duo is bound to leave many readers jealous. If you recognized the woman in the picture about it’s probably because you suscribe to HBO or perhaps tap into your parents HBOGO. Aleska Palladino, may be better known by her character Angela Darmody on Boardwalk Empire. However when paired with her husband,  Nicholas Shelestak, the two create Exitmusic.

If you enjoy this track be sure to give the whole album a listen. You’ll be ever so pleased.

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