Plants and Animals – “Lightshow”

Whatever that beast is it’s only awesome enough to capture the attention of 2 out of 3 people. 


The first time I heard of Plants and Animals is when they opened for Frightened Rabbit a long while ago. I knew then that wouldn”t be the last time I saw the opener that made everyone pay attention.

When I got home I went to my computer and set to learn more about them.  I found out is that like so many good bands they are from Canada and that they had been around a lot longer than I would have guessed. Back in 2008 they were nominated for a Polaris Music Prize for their break through effort Parc Avenue. Four years after that full length debut and multiple award nominations Plants and Animals have released their newest album The End of That. 

I initially set to post the nostalgic  Tom Petty-esque song “The End of That” but I woke up this morning and apparently I’m in more of a get the hell up and go guitar solo kind of mood. So it was “Lightshow” has stolen the spotlight. But it’s the two songs in conjunction that speaks to who the band as a whole is. It allows you get a feeling for the band and the range at which they create music.

So it’s with that, that post both song. I’m just that good to you guys. If you’re feeling good about what you hear, have nothing going on tomorrow night, and have some loose change hanging around- come joint me at the Satellite to check these guys out live.  Tickets here.

Happy Friday.


“The End of That”

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