Tallest Man on Earth – “1904”

If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to Tallest Man on Earth’s new album, due out this year. He just released a song from it, called “1904,” and it’s a great taste of what’s to come. Aside from the fact that he squarely fits in my wheelhouse of sound or the fact that he’s Swedish, his odd yet soothing voice is what attracts me to him. Probably the same reason I like Bob Dylan so much. They have a similar vibe and strange, effective vocal style.

He’s gaining more fans, and gave a good performance the last time I saw him at 2011 Coachella, back in the day when it was only one weekend… where he played to a tent packed full to the brim in the middle of the day. There were even guys climbing up toward the rafters trying to get a glimpse. Then again, maybe they fell into this conversation, which also happened to one of my friends:

Person 1: “Hey, who is that?”

Person 2: “The Tallest Man on Earth.”

Person 1: “What?! I wanna see!” [Meanders off into the crowd]

So who knows. All I know is, I like the guy, and I’m looking forward to this album.


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