Florence + the Machine – “Breath of Life”

Who likes new Florence? You like new Florence! I like new Florence. We all like new Florence. Below is a song Ms. Welch recorded for Snow White and the Huntsman, the handsome jock big brother to Mirror, Mirror‘s nerdy self, except in this scenario, the nerd doesn’t win in the end. To use a different analogy, Mirror Mirror is like a tiny sailboat in the ocean waiting for SWATH‘s ginormous pirate ship to blow it out of the water. Do you get it yet? This one looks better.

The song is fitting to a movie soundtrack, which I think is always a mark of success for this type of thing. When a band just records a new song and drops it lazily on a soundtrack, I’m generally less interested. This has the typical Florence hard-hitting drum beat and wailing vocals, but it also brings forth a monastery-like band of choir vocals that elevates it to epic. Listen below.

“Breath of Life”

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