YOya – “Fireworks”

So, technically this should be a Dres post. He sent me this song on Spotify, and then I promptly stole posting it from him because he’s busy.

YOya is an LA band made up of Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich, who grew up together in Corvallis, Oregon. That’s right, Corvallis. Home of Oregon State University, a few homeless people, and nothing much else. Sorry, Corvallis, it’s true. The two understandably moved to LA to pursue music and came out with a “folktronic” brand of electro-pop that’s super catchy.

Check out “Fireworks” below, which starts out sounding like a Nancy Wilson acoustic score, turns into a folk song, and then explodes in the chorus like, well… fireworks. Wait until 0:40 to hear what I’m talking about.


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