Blind Pilot – “New York”

I’m in a Blind Pilot mood this morning because I just acquired tickets to their July show in LA at the Fonda (aka the Music Box… don’t know why they changed it. I refuse to call it anything else). They’re a Portland band, so obviously they get brownie points from me, and they’re one of my favorite bands that have emerged in the last few years. Despite their dangerous name… I definitely wouldn’t want a blind pilot behind the wheel (controls?)… they’re firmly cemented in often-calm folky catchy rock.

Their 2011 release, We Are the Tide, is great — and now finally on Spotify! Below are two songs from it. The first, “New York,” is probably my favorite on the album, and the other, “Half Moon,” is probably the catchiest. Try one or the other or both.

“New York”

“Half Moon”

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