We Have Band – “Where Are Your People?”

This is a rare occurrence where I haven’t really done research on the band aside from a simple Google search, and haven’t actually listened to any more material by the band except for one song. I heard this on Spotify randomly and decided to post it because it’s catchy, and also because the band’s name is awesome: We Have Band. 10 points to Gryffindor!

While I listen to more songs to give a full review of the band, in the meantime just check out “Where Are Your People?” It lies somewhere between Hot Chip, TV on the Radio, and some 80s band like Talking Heads or Depeche Mode. I could hear this song playing in a club as well as an ominous chase scene in a movie or something. From London and self-described at one point as a “disco-rock trio,” We Have Band’s sound certainly matches the description.

Without further ado, and mostly because I don’t have any further information for you, check out the song below.

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