5 Word Review: Cass McCombs @ The Echo

Do you know Cass McCombs? Because you should, for three reasons. One, he’s been around for a while, having released his first EP way back in 2002. Almost ten years ago. Two, he released not one, but two full albums this year: Wit’s End and Humor Risk, both of which have received praise from blogs and reviews all over the internet and/or newsstands. Three, he’s a wonderful songwriter.

So, why is Cass still playing The Echo? The crowd packed into the small Silver Lake venue a few weeks ago (11/30) and were into his set, which ranged from new all the way to the 2002 EP. Playing in the shadows due to backlighting, it’s almost like Cass was embracing flying below the radar. But he belongs on the radar. Along with bands like Frightened Rabbit, NewVillager, and even Band of Horses to some extent, I don’t know why he (or they) aren’t more popular than they already are.

Five word review of Cass McCombs @ The Echo:

Cass deserves a bigger audience.

So, why aren’t you listening to him? Change that now. Listen below, and tell a friend.

“Love Thine Enemy”

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