Team Me – “Weathervanes and Chemicals”

Hallo lesere! Hvordan har du denne flotte mandag morgen?

For the non-cultured audience, that means, “hello, readers! How are you doing this great Monday morning?” in Norwegian, birthplace of half of my ancestors and also of today’s featured band: Team Me. Their name is great for two reasons: one, because it gives them reason to take hilarious field hockey team pictures as shown above, and two, because it makes me think of how young Kari used to refute “there’s no I in team” with “but there’s a me!” because I was an asshole.

This group of Norwegians have been supporting acts like The Wombats and started out as a one-man band for singer Marius Hagen and has now developed into a seven-person band with a full sound that reminds me of Arcade Fire. Check out “Weathervanes and Chemicals” below, and if you like it, check out their 2011 EP on Spotify (or Google it yourself if you don’t have Spotify, because if you don’t, that’s your mistake). Looking forward to hearing more from my Norwegian brethren.

“Weathervanes and Chemicals”

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